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MaidsApp App Debuts New Updates and Functionality in the Wake of Recent Developments

MaidsApp App Debuts New Updates and Functionality in the Wake of Recent Developments
Publish At : Jun 23 2021 12:00AM

MaidsApp before COVID-19

It seems like we are living with COVID-19 forever because it has prevailed so much and is here for so long. And also, it has no mood to go back from where it came. It is obvious now that Corona is not going anywhere. Instead, we have to accept it and need to live with it because there is no other option left. 

Considering the world where Corona has wreaked havoc, people think twice before hiring a maid. The health of the maid they ought to hire is a big concern for them.

Before COVID-19, MaidsApp was slightly different because we changed the policies. Unlike now, there was no need for preventive measures before Corona. The maids used to go without masks and sanitizers to all the places.

Pre-COVID MaidsApp policies

It is always the policy of MaidsApp to have the most experienced members in the team. MaidsApp features only housemaids that can perform their tasks efficiently. So, you don't need to worry about the performance of the housemaids as it is going to be remarkable. 

Arrival of Covid-19

With the advent of this novel virus, everything is different now. Corona comes, again and again, so MaidsApp has found the right strategy to live with Corona. With each passing wave of Coronavirus, the company is becoming better and better and learning all the tactics to offer the best services to the customers. The arrival of COVID-19 was never well-regarded, but MaidsApp never lowered the standards. 

Professional Attitude

There is only one thing that never changed, and that is the professional attitude of the MaidsApp. The company was always a proficient cleaning service and always thought about the ease and convenience of the company. Now the company is more vigilant about its customer's health and wellbeing. For that purpose, all the maids got their vaccines and are completely secure and free from Corona. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the sanitation and hygiene of the cleaners. 

The company has a good reputation throughout its tenure because there was no compromise on strategies. Client satisfaction is always a priority, and they remain at the top of the list. The company is always inclined to the clienteles and relies on feedback to make the system even more professional. 

Changes in MaidsApp policies

MaidsApp has changed some of its policies due to the Coronavirus. As the clients demand the cleaners have a vaccination certificate and a negative test for COVID-19, MaidsApp only sends the vaccinated maids to people. It also sends the testimonials and credentials to ensure that maids have the Vaccination.

The services of our vaccinated housemaids will make you breathless. We assure you that you will thank your choice later after making use of MaidsApp services.

It becomes meticulous for you to find the best housemaid who not only executes her duties skillfully but is also Corona immunized. MaidsApp makes this feat easy for you by empowering you with a platform where all the competent housemaids are accessible.

You can book the services of these Corona vaccinated maids at your anticipated time. Your chosen maid will reach you at the given time and will amaze you with her incomparable cleaning services.

MaidsApp Now

Corona has reshaped the course of history. Nothing is as it was before COVID-19 times. Our lifestyle has completely transformed into a new one where one can't get outside without a mask and hand sanitizer. Although it has affected everybody in equal proportions, it has cost the profession of maids much more.

People have become more dubious, more cautious than ever. If anybody sneezes randomly, he is peered like a culprit, although it was a Non-COVID sneeze. But that's how Corona has changed the psychology and perspective of everyone.

MaidsApp being a reliable platform has adapted to the current situation accordingly and changed the policies and strategies as per the need of the hour. Sensing the changed mentality of the customer, as they ask for vaccinations, Corona negative maids, MaidsApp have done the needful.

Vaccinated Maids

As customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of MaidsApp, and it is utterly necessary to take care of what customers want, MaidsApp is now only allowing vaccinated maids. Maids are allowed to go for Vaccination, and after completing the tenure, they are allowed to get back to work.

Clients' safety and health are most important, as well as the MaidsApp employees. This responsibility falls on the company to take care of both and make sure that they celebrate health and wellbeing in their true essence. So keeping in mind the necessity of the hour, the company has vaccinated all the maids.

Why There is a Need to Vaccinate the Maids?

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has shaken everyone to the roots. We are adapting to live with Corona and have modified ourselves and our lifestyles consequently. We are wearing masks everywhere we go, sanitizing our hands, our houses, and workplaces. And that's what Maids from the MaidsApp are doing. Properly taking precautions, wearing masks, sanitizers, using Dettol cleaners, etc. However, this is not a perpetual solution to the problem. We need to eradicate it to live without the fear of getting infected; we can go outside without wearing masks and don't use sanitizers anymore. So we need a proper and accurate solution in the form of Vaccination.

To date, the vaccines developed are fully functional and are helping to keep Corona at bay.

The employees of MaidsApp tend to visit house to house to provide the facility of cleaning at your doorstep. So only testing negative for Corona is not okay for them. They need to be adequately vaccinated and take all the precautions to not carry any germs with them.

Vaccination Certificate and Negative Test Testimonials

In the current situation, stress and anxiety are prevailing in the air regarding health. People are worried and conscious about whom they are allowing to get into their homes or who is about to visit them. So they ask for COVID-19 Vaccination valid certificates from the government and testimonials.

MaidsApp has invested heavily in getting the employees vaccinated and got proper certification and testimonials. They provide the certificates along with the cleaners that come to your homes so that there remains no confusion. And all the clients are satisfied at the end of the day.

Army of MaidsApp

MaidsApp has been operating since 2013, and there are hundreds of employees working under the umbrella; they are the Army of MaidsApp. All the domestic workers are registered and are entirely taken into trust. MaidsApp has collected and compiled all the personal data, ID card/passport, and other necessary information relevant to the employee.

Unlike the ordinary domestic maids that are not registered and have provided no information about their background, Maids of MaidsApp are wholly secure and trustworthy. MaidsApp is responsible for any damage done at the hand of the employees. The other maids are unsure if they are vaccinated or not, but the MaidsApp employees are sent to work only after Vaccination.

Also, the employees visit specific houses and are given a particular area to work with complete attention and diligence. They are not burdened at all because encumbering them will cause ultimate damage to MaidsApp's name.

MaidsApp Taking the Right Precautions

MaidsApp is concerned about all the necessary precautions that the company and the maids should take apart from the vaccinated maids. As the maids by MaidsApp come prepared and have their tools, all the belongings are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. SOPs are followed strictly, and not even a slight ignorance is tolerated. Cleanliness, along with safety measures, is provided with all the heart.

Not only the COVID-19 virus, but it can also be a carrier of other potential germs. These germs can be more harmful and cause severe diseases, so there is a need to take significant precautions at both the micro and macro levels. All the things are taken into consideration by the company.

MaidsApp has adopted very professional behavior; that's why various firms and property managers use the services by MaidsApp. The seriousness is depicted by the work and precautions they take while offering the services. The trainers are trained efficiently, and they are dedicated to performing their duties well while following all the SOPs of the Coronavirus.

MaidsApp and Corona Waves

Corona is a recurring infection, and many hovering waves have happened to destroy on a massive scale to date. We entail reshaping lives with each wave as each one teaches us new lessons.

With each wave, MaidsApp policies are changing and getting better. We stick to the formula: unlearn and relearn. So with time, we are trying to adapt to changing circumstances and getting more used to them.

We never compromised the performance of the company despite the temporary situation. There were many turnarounds, a sudden surge in the COVID-19 cases, and much more. Therefore, MaidsApp never lowered the quality of the work in Corona. In each wave, we made sure we are taking care of the protocols given by the government because safety and health come first.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Mobile Apps for your Business

Digitalization of the world has revolutionized the business world so that the business has risen to levels that you never saw before. And in this zenith, there is a considerable part of Mobile Apps. Yes, Mobile has changed the perspective of businesses.

In the previous decades, the apps only belonged to the giants like Bank of America or Walmart. However, nowadays, much smaller setups have their App. App development is easy, and you need to find a good app developer, and your business is booming.

We can exemplify UBER and Careem services that have prevailed globally with the tiny virtual icon on the mobile interface.

The same is the case with MaidsApp. It provides the services at your fingertips, and all the information regarding the company is just one click away. The company even named itself as MaidsApp, as the whole business revolves around the App. You do not need to mingle in the chaos to book a maid. Just tap the MaidsApp icon, book a Cleaning, choose your plan, make a payment, and are ready to sail. See how MaidsApp has simplified cleaning by introducing an app.

Optimization of the Business using Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps have altered the way businesses were done, especially in the post-COVID times, because everything is shifted to the online system. With the surge in internet usage, the netizens are completely indulged in the digital system.

Companies are profoundly financing mobile apps as these apps are the new tools to promote and increase businesses. Mobile Apps have so much intrusion in everybody's life now because of their ease of providing human resources. They have entirely optimized the trades, so now all companies are app-dependent. In addition, they help them to grow more outreach.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

The total number of mobile users all around the world is approximately 3.5 billion. And not to be shocked, last year, people purchased almost 1.4 to 1.5 billion cell phones globally. So this shows the usage of smartphones and how much we rely on these tiny gadgets. The estimated number of Mobile Apps that are available on the Google Play store is 2.5 million. It means a huge number of applications are present in the online marketplace.

With the increase in demand, the number of applications increases day by day, thus providing more opportunities to the customers at their fingertips. The more services are provided, the more convenience is added to the life of laypeople.

There are a lot of benefits that add to the credibility of mobile apps. Here are some of these;

1. Increase the approachability

Mobile Apps increase the reach of your business. More people who have smartphones, the more approachable you are with your business's mobile App. People like convenience, and convenience lies in inaccessibility. And with more accessibility, there are more chances of business growth and development.

Happy customers talk about your App, give you good feedback and reviews, and thus your App is more downloaded, and you gain more affability to the people. You are in direct contact with the people through the App. It's a one-way road that gives growth and gives people handiness—that is how it works.

MaidsApp is easily accessible to people because of its availability to the people. The layout is easy, which is why more people tend to use the App.

2. Engage more spectators

Customers are the most worthy asset of any company, and what's better when you gain more clients just through one thing, i.e., by Mobile App. Mobile App increases the interaction of the clienteles with the business, thus engaging them and turning them into potential buyers.

Mobile Apps build a direct relationship between the customers and company and gain customer trustworthiness. It increases the reliability of the brands.

Some brands increase engagement by giving rewards and points for which they are awarded a gift. To get more customers, companies should pay more attention in the form of endorsements.

3. Genuine database formation

Through cookies, apps can collect a database of their loyal clients. For that, the app must ask for permission from the clients and then use cookies. The app can use this information for various purposes like targeted clients. Also, with the help of this, the app can track their other search and purchase history. With the help of that, the app can show ads and escalate your reach.

Surely the client data-driven information can help you target more clients, and companies may know better which client wants what type of product.

MaidsApp gets the data from the cookies and then helps to target the relevant audience that is interested in cleaning their homes by hiring the maids.

4. Strengthen the reputation

Reputation for any brand is as important as for any celebrity. A good reputation can help you rise to a height of excellence, while a bad reputation can drown your business. So it's up to you, which means you use it to gain trust and build the importance of your business. Mobile App is an effective way to make a reputation and gain popularity and limelight about your business.

A good Mobile App can generate leads, attract more customers, sustain the customers, turn them into buyers and enhance the profit of your business.

Mobile Apps are the best way to change the course of your business. Online business is the new zeitgeist of this millennium. So Apps are the best way to build the reputation of your business.

MaidsApp has been working diligently since 2013 and gained popularity just because of a well-managed app. Interface and layout turned out to be the reason behind the strengthening of the reputation of the company.

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Apps are the direct source of contact with the customers. Although customers visit websites, that is the old traditional way and becoming less used than before. People like more interactive platforms which are provided only by Mobile Apps.

Through the Mobile App, you can win the genuine respect and loyalty of the patrons and turn them into regular customers. Apps are the easiest way for online shopping. The customer doesn't need anything; they need just an internet connection and a single touch. And they are done with the purchasing. That's the beauty of Mobile Apps.

You can win customer loyalty by the endorsements and gifts along with the purchase.

6. Marketing Tool

Mobile App is a marketing tool as well. Let's talk about Mcdonald's. They are a giant who doesn't need to have Mobile App. Yet, they have a Mobile App through which they take feedback, give promotions, and offer different deals to the customers. Using the mobile App, they gain more access to the customers.

7. Give you an edge in the market

Although the world keeps pace with the change, especially in post-COVID times, certain businesses run in the old traditional way. In that case, Mobile App gives you an extra edge on the non-virtual competition. Researches have shown that Business with the Mobile App is growing more significantly than the businesses without a Mobile App.

MaidsApp got an edge over the traditional Maid Providing services just because of the App. The App gives people more sense and helps them choose the right maid for their house in seconds. At the same time, the traditional method is less secure and slow.

How to build Mobile App with the best features

As described earlier in detail, Mobile apps are much more important than you can imagine. They can change your business game upside down. So it would help if you were very vigilant while thinking about your mobile apps. It must have some extraordinary features that can provide the customers ultra-benefits.

The features must be intriguing and attract the customer with single-use. After scrutinizing some of the best apps like MaidsApp, we have gathered the following information and compiled them into tips to bring you how to build a mobile App with the best features. 

Simple to use

The essence of all your hard work should be the simplicity of your App. Keep the App as simple as you can. Telling you from the customer point of view that customers like co-complexity. They want single-tap solutions to their problems. They take 2-3 seconds to examine an app, and if they find it easy, they tend to proceed. And if they find it difficult to use, they instantly revert, and all your hard work goes in vain. So be technical while playing with the features of the App.

You can take a clue from the MaidsApp. How simple the App is with single-touch features. Customers find no difficulty in getting the relevant services. They tap to book a cleaning, choose the plan, and they are done.

Quick to load

The most important feature of your App is downloading time. Your App must open within 2 seconds; otherwise, the customer is gone. This feature is the game of moments, and they will decide whether they will keep the App or uninstall it.

So be mindful of the loading time of the App. Invest in this feature, and once the problem is solved. People don't like to wait at all. They want quick solutions to their problems, so they must be quick to load.

MaidsApp takes 1-2 seconds while opening because they know the customer psychology, so they have paid particular attention to it.

Connected with Social Media

Social Media is the legit power, and you must use this power for the good of your business. It is the best means to communicate about your App.

You can run sponsored ads on social media and put the link that will redirect to your mobile App. People tend to click on the links as they are curious about the products.

Also, offer a share option on the App to share what they purchased from your App or what service they got.

MaidsApp has given the option to even login by your Facebook ID, making it more accessible to their customers.

Integrate secure payment gateways

With the prevailing opportunities on the internet, scams are also increasing. So people are dubious whether they should download an app or not. For that, you must give the most secure methods to make any purchase. For example, Payoneer, PayPal, or bank accounts are the most secure way of payment. Therefore, use these payment methods.

The secure payment method makes your Mobile App legitimate and instantly reassures the clients that they are on the right spot. Also, give cash on delivery options because this is the most credible way to build on clients' trust in your Mobile App.

MaidsApp uses a secure and very easy-to-use payment option. You can pay by using your credit card, and your information will never be shared with anyone.

User Feedback

Last but not least, the Feedback feature is of utmost importance. The reviews on your App add significance to your mobile App. It is a testimonial as well as evidence of your authenticity. The feedback can help decide customers make the right purchase. And only a happy and satisfied customer gives a 5-star rating. So keep all of the above features in mind, and your App will rock the world.

MaidsApp has a separate section of customer reviews under testimonials, where you can read all the customer reviews. The customers have given detailed reviews, which can help others choose the App for the cleaning services.

Let your customer be vocal about their experience and see your App prospering.

All the emphasis laid above is enough to tell you the importance of Mobile Apps for businesses. The apps are the game changers and, in fact, the mandatory part of the business now. These can increase the potential of the companies by attracting more and more customers. MaidsApp has shown why you need a Mobile App for your business. It would be best to keep in mind a few simple and easy to use, easy navigation, quick loading, interface, etc., while building the mobile app for your business.

How to choose the right maid service?

Cleaning your house is a difficult task and choosing the proper cleaning purpose is a more arduous one. It is so because it is a matter regarding your house. You are allowing someone to enter your home at your own risk. They are going to visit all the places and stay for 3 to 5 hours. You must be vigilant while choosing the right maid service for cleaning your home. Otherwise, you would end up damaging your house as well as your trust. Here are some key notes you need to keep in mind while choosing your maid service.

1. Professional Attitude

The very first thing to check in any service is professionalism. The way they deal with you is the way they provide services. There must be a tinge of professionalism in the tone, in the course of dealing with you, tackling their customers, website layout, App's interface, etc. A casual style, offensive behavior, unstructured website or App, and unsecured payment method show unprofessional attitude. So be mindful of all these things while choosing the exemplary maid service for you.

MaidsApp has professional behavior that is skin to none. This attitude is why MaidsApp is the accurate house cleaning service and has the best reputation so far.

2. Indemnity

An insured company is a secured company. You need to search out if the company is offering insurance. To have an added factor for security, you must check if there is an indemnity or not. You are providing a way for a stranger to enter your home, so it's your right to double-check the team.

Also, the cleaners should be insured and registered with the company. It can prove that there are no subcontractors in the maid services. MaidsApp has all of its Maids vetted and verified, which shows the ultimate professionalism towards their work.

3. Way of communication

The way of communication tells a lot about the service provider. Before hiring the maid for a cleaning service through a website or app, make a phone call to analyze their communication. The tone should be polite and humble and must subtly deal with you. When you go shopping, or you talk to anybody, the first thing that can impress you is the way they speak to you. You can't judge anyone by appearance, but you may know them well if you talk to them. What they say is the way they think of their patron. You can observe them while speaking to you. You may tease them a little to check how they answer back. This way, you can evaluate the company and the employers.

Although this is not a valid criterion to judge the services, it can tell how serious the team is towards their customers.

There must be a support center where a customer can complain about anything. MaidsApp has given an official contact number, customer support email, and even the address if you want to visit and check with your own eyes that the service is substantial or not.

4. Proficient cleaners

This point is your main concern because you have to interact with the cleaners apart from the maid services. The cleaners play an integral role in our life because the game is revolving around them. From the cleaner's attitude to her aura, everything must be significant or clean. They should be experienced and well maintained. As they are cleaners, they must be clean and sanitized. 

Also, under the prevailing circumstances, the cleaners must be Corona vaccinated and should have a good testimonial or certificate from the government. They also have negative tests for the Coronavirus. Their cleanliness matters a lot because they visit house to house and can be carriers for any disease. So, they must be clean and free from all germs.

5. Reference

Before making any decision, ask the company to reassure you of their past. References are a must because these can endorse the reliability of the company. It is risky to choose the right maid services to ask about the client's experience or any recommendation or verification from a reliable resource.

Consider this piece of advice that testimonials play an essential role in selecting the exemplary maid service because all other criteria can go wrong. Still, a good experience can help you to scrutinize the company well. However, be mindful that the company may prepare bogus certificates to hoodwink you. The dupes are readily available on the internet, so have a check on this as well.

6. Products used

Cleaning products and tools are of enormous importance, so they need to be of excellent quality. Ask the company about the products, whether they are from a brand/verified company or not. Product quality is also essential because a good product will give you classy results, and your furniture will look brand new, while the lousy product can ruin even the novel furniture.

Secondly, ask them about the quality of the products if it's good enough for your home. The tools must be clean to get a hygienic environment. And for those houses where there are children or pets, they should specifically ask for mild chemical products for usage. The products must be safe and endorsed by the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSC) or General Consumer Product Regulation and Environmental Protection Agency.

Ask them to avoid using harsh chemical products as the products remain suspended in the air or on solid objects for weeks or months and can cause detrimental effects. So, for safety purposes, only use eco-friendly substances.

MaidsApp only uses high-standard products for its cleaning service. MaidApp doesn't compromise on the quality and trust of its prestige clients.

7. Security & Warranty

Although cleaning services can tempt you enough to choose their house cleaning services and client testimonials, you can select them. However, it is still not enough. You entail asking about security or warrantee so that you don't have any fear regarding wasting your hard-earned money.

Some house cleaning services even provide a revision of cleaning if the client is not satisfied completely. Then some services even offer a complete refund of the fee if the customer didn't like the cleaning. So it does matter a lot if the company's policy revolves around customer satisfaction. You can judge it by your wit as well if the company is customer-centered or not.

8. Flexibility

Life these days is an amalgam of hustle-bustle and chaos. Nobody has time, and everyone is in a hurry to get things done. People have very tough and busy schedules and mostly don't get time to clean their houses. So you need to find an utterly compatible service with your routine and offer instant maid facilities. It is better to check which service is best for both parties.

MaidsApp is the best choice for arduous workers because it offers the most flexible services and accommodates your time so well. You don't need to worry if you need to go to a meeting and have an unreasonable deadline, call and your maid will be there in 20 minutes to 2 hours. You will get a notification when your maid will leave the office and will arrive at your place.

9. Amenities offered

The best house cleaning service is the one which offers services that are according to your home. You need to figure out first what type of services a company is providing. Is it yielding enough to cooperate with you in the time of need? Or they offer additional gigs upon request to do some other house chores.

Some services like MaidsApp comply with the customers' needs and customize the plan according to the client's needs. They go to any extent to make their customer satisfied. So the service should be excellent and compromising enough.

10. Experience

Experience matters a lot in the field of cleaning. The more experienced service and the team, the better they are at cleaning. Do complete research about the company. Check the background, history, when it came into existence, how long it took to grow to this day, look at the work ethics, etc.

Ensure everything is up to the mark and standard because it is again precarious to leave your house in inexperienced hands. Also, scrutinize the experience of the team members. How much a cleaner has done training.

Just find a service like MaidsApp who has been working since 2013 and has an army of workers that work very efficiently.

5 Mistakes the right maid services can never commit

1. Inexpensive Services

Everything has a price, and the services which meet the basic standards and are up to mark are never inexpensive. So whichever the company is providing the appropriate and suitable services will have a price. Cheap or low services will come with low quality, inexperience, and bad performance. So never opt for a service that entices you with low rates. They are scammers in disguise who will waste your time, money, and energy.

However, like a newly formed company, some exceptions will offer discounts or promotions to get more outreach and gain clients' trust. So it is up to you to check about the company beforehand and why they are offering low rates.

2. Lack an address

A permanent address is a must specifically for those services which are online. Today most of the business is done on phone calls, via websites and apps, but a permanent and verified address is mandatory.

Finding a permanent address is recommended because the online market is full of scammers. If you accidentally meet any, you can't do anything because the services become unavailable or irresponsive, and you don't have the means to contact them. A valid and verified address can help you in defying those bluffers. You can go to the office in person if you face any problem regarding the cleaners.

3. Unregistered

Companies that are not registered or verified by competent authorities are not trustworthy at all. To avoid taxes, these companies do not write themselves, which is firstly unlawful, and secondly, it is risky. They are not documented and can do any harm to you. In the end, the sole loser will be the customer.

The unregistered company is unanswerable to none. The customer will become accountable if he meets any cheat because he didn't ask for any proof or validation before. Always check the company's legitimacy by asking for the registration number provided by concerned authorities and double-check about that.

4. Low-quality tools

The equipment and tools can depict the actual image of the company. A legit company will never spoil its appearance by using low-quality products. They constantly invest in the right products and use chemicals that are not harsh or go against the Environmental Protection Agency's policies. The right house cleaning company has a different kind of product according to other client's requirements.

The unlisted companies with low rates do not invest reasonable quality tolls and, as a result, lack proficiency in their work. And in the end, you won't blame any other person except yourself. Keep in mind all these points while considering your house cleaning service.

5. Outsourcing of the services

Companies who, rather than doing home cleaning themselves, tend to outsource the work to the subcontractors, and those contractors do not even follow the rules and regulations of the company. Thus not accountable in case of any damage. And the company is just a mediator who is working as a bridge between both. So check out first if the company has its cleaners and is not outsourcing the work to independent cleaners.

There are cases when the clients are unaware that they welcome home the third parties that do not belong to the company itself. That poor chap believes in the company but gets scammed. So it is better to look for an authorized house cleaning service registered and has their cleaners.

Also, if there are independent workers on the company's panel, they should guarantee them if they are legitimate, registered, and insured.

Let's summarize the whole idea in one word: "Investigate." Yes, investigate properly about everything. First of all, look for the experience and registration of the company. It means searching if the company is valid and legitimate and is not only an online game. It has a permanent, verified address. The company is approved by solid authorities having an actual registration number. The company has trained and competent cleaners that are avid to clean your house by providing their best services.

Besides this, also check for the old clients and their reviews about the company. Some special cleaners are the shining stars and outdone themselves. Look for them. They will give you the best house cleaning service.

As we face a pandemic, you should be concerned about sanitation and vaccinated workers and ask for the maids' vaccination certificates before hiring them. They can be the potential carriers of various types of germs. So their hygiene is essential. Also, look out for the tools and equipment the company is using. All the things must be of premium quality.

How to find a suitable maid?

Maids play an essential part in your daily routine. In the uproar of life, they make it easy for you to breathe and rest for a while, and they do the chores for you. However, it is slightly challenging to find a good maid that delivers up-to-mark services, and you don't have to tackle this cleaning task. You deserve to have a maid that can handle your house the way you do. So here is detailed information that will help you choose a suitable maid for your home. There will be no problem after reading this information. So let’s have a look.

Consider your needs

The prerequisite to finding an appropriate maid is to decipher your needs. First of all, make a list of the chores you want the maid to do. Take time and get to the bottom. After figuring it out, choose the exemplary maid service and then select your maid. Without ascertaining your requirements and how much your house demands the work, you cannot like any maid. It all depends on the workload at your side and what type of cleaner you entail.

Find a maid to cater to your need

The primary purpose of all this hard work in finding a suitable service and maid refers to your needs. If your requirements don't get done, all goes in vain. So make sure that you find a maid that tailors your needs and offers services that are inimitable and in a class of its own because you deserve the best.

Characteristics of a Good Maid

Finding a good maid is neither facile nor dicey. It would be best to put a little bit of hard work into getting the maid per your needs and demands. There are services like MaidsApp, where there is a whole army of workers ready to provide you with the best services and experience. You have to plunge in and put your demands, and the right maid will be at your doorstep. Decide the threshold and then go for the right maid. After scrutinizing, we have separated the best qualities and characteristics that a maid should have.

We have three services from which you can make your selection:

1. Quick clean- Cleanses the surface; Quick clean takes only one hour to finish. Our maid will clean only the exterior of your home and the furniture in it. Soon after that, she will get back, and you can relish the clean and hygienic surroundings in your home.

2. Basic Clean- Detailed Cleanliness; No longer have you had to suffer from the consequences of cleaning and become haphazard after finishing your cleaning chore. In this service, your housemaids will cover your space's cleaning tasks thoroughly.

3. Deep Clean- Cleans your place comprehensively; This service is the best so far. With this service, MaidsApp is rocking the market. As the name suggests, in this service, your maid will practically make your home look flawless. You won't be able to witness a single spot in any part of your home once the housemaids get done with deep cleaning your place. Your home will look clean as new.

No longer have you needed to busy yourself with cleaning activities out of your hectic schedule. Our exceptional maid services will get you covered. If the fear of Corona has been compelling you to clean your home by yourself, no more you have to worry about it due to the services of our vaccinated housemaids.

Focused on Details

The first quality a maid should have is detail orientation. The house demands a comprehensive cleaning, with every nook and crook clean and clear. You can do shallow cleaning of your home for the time being, and you can exist if you are in a hurry or any guest is coming your way. But on a more profound and extensive level, there is always a need for a maid who will clean your house with complete devotion. And make it worth living for longer terms. So it would help if you found a focused and detail-oriented maid who will make your house home with her detailed cleaning skills.

Diligent and Conscientious

House cleaning is a meticulous job and demands diligence and hard work. Simply, an untroublesome worker can't do a cleaning job. To find out the patient worker and love doing her job. To check out if she is diligent enough to do your house chores, ask her questions like; how much time she brooms or sweeps the floor, what is her sleep and wake time, how often she takes to do the chores of a complete home.


You know how essential it is to be a responsible person. Not everybody takes responsibility or is obliged to work. An irresponsible maid can spoil the task instead of doing it well. She should consciously and seamlessly make her efforts and accept the burden on her shoulders regarding work.


The maid should have a challenging and enduring personality who shows resilience towards her work. She should be flexible yet determined and don't give up on things quickly. There is an obvious task that demands more strength, both physically and mentally. So she must be ready for all kinds of jobs with great willpower.

You can check the resilience of the maid by giving her different situations and question how she will tackle the problem. Check her reaction after giving a stressor or complex stimulus. Her response will depict how irrepressible and robust she is towards her work.


Empathy is a characteristic that should be in the personality of every person, be it maid or any other society member. The maid should be empathetic enough because she will do house chores and spend time with certain people. She should know how to deal with a person, kids, and pets. Not all, but most houses are abode to kids, elders, and pets. So, there is a need for a highly empathetic person who can deal with them appropriately in those houses.

Besides empathy, she should be kind and humble enough. You can check the way she talks to children and takes care of the pets.

Yearn to learn

Every house has different residents belonging to different cultures and ethnicities. Each has its tradition. So the maid should have an aptitude for learning and have the desire to stick to the rules of every other house. She should be flexible enough to understand different languages and accommodate accordingly. 


Trust is an essential factor, but you can judge it by the outer appearance of the workers, for appearances are often deceptive. But after talking to her and throwing different situations, you can consider if she is trustworthy or not. Your intuition can also tell if a person is reliable and upright or not.


While talking to the maid, closely observe her if she pays attention to what you are saying. And what you are trying to tell her. Also, when she is checking your home for doing chores, check if she looks into the minute details and asks questions. Does it show whether she is attentive, keen, and arduous or not?


Loyalty is unignorable and un-compromise-able. Sometimes you are not at home or busy, so you can't pay heed to what the cleaners are doing. That is the time when loyalty is needed the most.

You can test loyalty by asking her about her other clients. How she talks about them, would she work if she has to do the last-minute task? These things will help you determine the perfect maid for your abode.

Follow your instinct

You can use your inner voice and instinct to judge the maid. The sixth sense can give you a clue as to if the maid is the suitable maid for your house for cleaning purposes or not. Observe her and analyze with pre-disposition, and you can judge that she will be the right fit for you.

To get these all desired traits in a maid, you can contact MaidsApp. The MaidsApp is one of the most appropriate house cleaning services that offer the best services in town and has the perfect maids. You will find a suitable maid that will be according to your choice, requirements and will over there. So do check the MaidsApp once for all.

How do you feel about your chores?

Whatever choice you have about the chores or whatever you feel about them, the significance of chores is indispensable. Without chores, your life is purposeless. Chores are a crucial and integral part of our lives; your life will be a total mess and will be in total disarray without them. These household tasks assist you in making your life sustainable and keep your environment worth living. It gives you a sense of freshness and is a landmark for good physical health and great mental wellbeing. So you can deny or defy the fact that chores are essential in our day-to-day life.

Feelings about Chores

As described earlier, the prominence of chores and their health makes most people feel that duties are necessary. Although people feel like they are under some burden doing the assignments at a younger age, they find means to avoid them, but they find the importance of domestic chores and get used to them over time.


Lately, a chore challenge was started on social media by the Everyday Sexism Project. Different people across the globe took part in it. More than 560,000 people took Twitter to post about their chores. Their intentions while doing the chores, why do they do them, how do they feel before doing them and after doing the chores? On which days do they prefer to do the domestic tasks and laud themselves after completing the tasks.

Out of these almost 500,000 people who tweeted about the #chorechallenge, 39% are males and 61% females. So it is evident that females are more apprehensive about the chores than males as per the virtual survey. For laundry, 74% were females and 26% males, for dishes the ratio was 63:37, for vacuuming it was 65% vs. 35%, for ironing the distribution was like 54 % women and 46% men and last but not least for dusting it was 60% females and 40% males.

The sole purpose of the challenge was to scrutinize how people feel about the chores. More people favored tasks, thus lauding these, and fewer people complained about the assignments. These were around 1000+ posts in which people were telling how they enjoy the job while listening to their favorite music.

Then the survey also depicted the generation and age impact on the feeling about the household chores. Younger people did the house chores by being enticed by the pocket money and treats or endorsements for doing the chores. On the other side, the older people take the chores as a mandatory task. With the experience gained through life, they learned the importance of chores in their life. So this is how the generation gap influences the chores.

Why does doing domestic chores make you a better human?

You are doing chores that influence you or your psychology, for good or bad. It has a direct effect on the mind, and it changes the way of lifestyle too. There often fights over the chores; parents often scold their children for being irresponsible and not doing chores seriously. There is also a battle between the siblings for the task distribution. You are always not in the mood to do chores, yet sometimes you are high on commissions and do them all in one go. It all depends. So what we think about the duties is that chores shape the personality for good. If you do tasks systematically, this also depicts your nature and how oriented you are. It helps in the following method to make you a better version of yourself.

Sustain a healthy Environment

What if you open a drawer and suddenly a cockroach or lizard jumps on you. Thinking this can give you goosebumps. And you are thinking of the fungus and having dirty green corners or bathroom tiles messed with the algal bloom. It all seems so pathetic and gives a bad vibe when thinking. So how can you afford this filthiness in actuality? So the chores conspire to help you in keeping all these horror things away from your house.

Also, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and sanitizing will keep all the germ at bay, thus making your surroundings worth living. When you don't clean for a longer time, this gives space and time to germs to create colonies and invade your living space. You become vulnerable to different potential diseases. So effectively doing the domestic duties can keep your environment clean, healthy, and worth living.

Releases Stress and Anxiety

Cleaning your house gives a soothing effect and acts as a therapy to release the tension and stress. A psychologist suggests that if you feel stressed, indulge in cleaning activities and doing tasks like doing your household chores can improve your mental status and thus helps to reduce the stress and curtail the tension regarding your professional or personal life.

Doing dishes and laundry can assist you in lessening the annoying thoughts wandering in your mind. You can let all the outrage and exhaustion out and allow your inner self to rest for a while. Therefore, do chores and release your strain and fretfulness and feel tension-free

You become self-governing

Doing chores gives you a sense of independence and liberation. From birth till teenage or until you get out of your house for a house, you are dependent on your parents. In the meantime, either you waste time by not learning anything, or you can remember doing chores; it is all your choice.

However, if you do chores, it will make your life ahead very easy because when you are independent, no one will cook you food, or no one will do laundry or dishes for you. At that time, you have you and the chores you learned back at your parents' house. So doing chores balance your life and make you pretty independent.

It gives you time to contemplate

The time you are doing household tasks is the perfect time to contemplate and observe yourself. At that time, you can notice that what are your thoughts when you are doing nothing, or how you spend your day, what are your healthy habits, what habits should you shackle away? You can have me-time and talk with yourself too.

This time is also the best time to learn any language. Because the best way to learn any language is to think in that particular language, so yeah, chores are the perfect way to consume the time for optimist activities.

It improves your problem-solving skills

While doing chores, your mind has enough time to think about a particular issue or problem that is happening either in your personal or professional life. When you reflect on something when your mind is free and let the thoughts roam freely in your mind, the brain can do more activities than it did before. It will solve problems, unwind the intricate matter, etc. Another aspect is that you can improvise new ways to do the tasks more quickly, easily, and effortlessly. Thus chores help you in every possible way.

It helps to pass the time for good

When you are at home, there is always something that needs your attention. It is impossible that all your house is doing perfectly and no task is available to do. So you can kill time by figuring out the chores that need your heed and do it for passing your time.

Also, instead of feeling bored and passing the time in vain, do the chores. It will improve your productivity, and we will give your time efficiently, and at the end of the day, you won't feel guilty for doing anything.

Then you can do multitasking. You can listen to your favorite song or hear the TED talk or any motivational speaker. It will not only allow you to do chores efficiently, but it will improve your mental health, and you will be more active, motivated, and energetic at completing your task. These side activities can make your chores experience more pleasant, to be honest.

You become sturdier

Let's say you are brooming or sweeping the floor or doing laundry; these are just not tasks that will ultimately make your surroundings clean. These are healthy activities which you can count as exercises. Be it scrubbing your bath, washing your clothes, clearing the windows or sanitizing your door handles, mopping the floor, all these activities are energy-demanding and eventually give you good health, strength, and resilience.

You can even turn out the activity into exercise and do cardio in between to make it more proficient. Stretch your body while sweeping with the mop or removing the webs from the nooks of the roof. You can name these activities as your workout, and you are good to go—no need to visit the gym after doing the chores.

Reasons why household chores are important

There are certain benefits of chores that make it impossible to deny their importance.

It makes your children responsible

You are the first teacher of your child, and they imitate you no matter what. If you make yourself an example for them, your child will turn into a responsible person. They seeing you doing chores will ultimately start doing chores regularly. You indirectly inculcate the order, organization, and maintenance, making them good people and citizens.

Develops your social image

When somebody comes to your house, he judges the way you have maintained your home. Suppose things are in their correct position; in that case, he will label you an organized person and tell everybody about your environment, how tidy you are, and how you systematically keep things.

On the other hand, if your house is untidy, the things are messed up, dust is present on shelves, washrooms are dirty, and the floor has stains, you have dug the grave of your public image yourself. A tag of a nasty person will take place with your name. So it is vital to keep things ship-shape to have an excellent communal idea.

Build teamwork

When you distribute the chores among the house members and do tasks you designate to them, it will build teamwork and create bonds among siblings. They will set up a good environment at your place, and everybody will know what their duty is. Distribute the chores as per needs or check which person performs better and then assign them accordingly. This way, you can do functions more efficiently, and you get a perfect home for your abode.

Doing chores is a healthy activity and benefits everybody in every possible way. From keeping the environment healthy and sanitized to inculcating a sense of responsibility, empathy, independence, becoming an excellent social person, all these things owe to doing chores.

What Problems Did You Face While Hiring Maids?

Hiring maids was never an easy task. Although maids are essential and need their help in our daily lives, we can confront many problems. A good maid is a blessing, and a bad maid is a curse. Either you become free of tension by choosing the right maid or becoming more bound and anxious by selecting the wrong maid. It depends on your luck.

Problem-Related To Maids' Hiring

There are so many problems when we are about to hire a maid. It isn't easy to choose and can sometimes get on your nerves because it is freaking difficult to let any unknown person in your house and let them in for many hours. You might even feel like not hiring a maid because of the fear of the issues you may confront after hiring a maid. But we have a solution which we will disclose at the end. Let's sort out the problems faced by the people while booking a maid for cleaning purposes.

Trust Issues

The most common issue faced by many people is the Trust issue. People don't easily trust anybody who is a stranger and will come to your house daily. It is an instinct; you don't have to worry about it. It is because many independent maids or uninsured maids turn out to be scammers. 

Lies About Experience

If you are about to hire a maid with no testimonials or have no link with any platform, it can make you dubious about her work experience that she might be lying to you. These things matter a lot, and you should seek any reference or certificate that can endorse that they are original and not lying to you. Also, use your sixth sense to judge the maid if she is true to her words.

Vaccination Issue

Vaccination is one of the major concerns most people have these days because Corona is a severe illness. The death toll is sufficient to make anyone take extra preventive measures to avoid any haphazard. That is why everyone asks if the maid is jabbed or not. It is indeed a grave problem that is bothering a lot while hiring maids these days.

Irresponsible Workers

Irresponsible maids are a threat to your house. That's what people bother about. Cleaning the house is a big responsibility. A maid who understands the meaning of responsibility and is willing and keen to give her best can do the cleaning in the best way. 

On the other hand, most independent maids are negligent and inattentive. They do not care about the house or commodities inside the house and can damage anything without considering the price of things. These things are pretty much exhausting and can give you real-life issues. But you can avoid irresponsible persons by asking specific questions which will reveal their true nature and how attentive they are.

Timing Issue

Time is a significant asset, and most people hire maids just because of time. They don't find enough time to clean their house or do domestic chores, due to which they have to find a maid. But this maid doesn't understand the issue and comes home as per their will. They don't bother what problem one can face if they waste their time. People often ask the maids to go on time, but they make such an excuse that you can't say anything to them. There should be an agreement regarding timing because it costs so much to someone for not being on time.

If you want a maid having no trust issues, who is jabbed, arrives precisely on time, is responsible enough. The services are proficiently experienced, then you need to tap MaidsApp. Yes, MaidsApp is the spot that will help you book the maid who has an impressive trait that is peerless. So get your maid either from MaidsApp Website or mobile App.

12 most important things in making a property look tidy

Property is an asset that a person makes after compiling the fortune gathered after a lifetime of diligence and hard work. And it takes determination, effort, and exertion to make your house a home. So it is imperative to keep the property look tidy so that your house remains worth living. There are many strategies that you may follow to have a perfect-looking place.

Do regular touch-ups

As the property is a worldly thing, over time, it gets feeble and starts to diminish if you don't take care of it. So to keep it worth living, you entail doing regular touch-ups. Like if the cement falls off from a corner, repair it instantly. If a crack appears in a wall, fill it before it turns into a creek. And if you ignore a stream, then be prepared for a loss.

Remember, when these minor anomalies go unnoticed, things get out of control, and you end up losing the charm of your property. It is mandatory to do a touch-up regularly.

Whitewash the walls every six months or year

While living in the house, the wall paint gets faint early by making the home look old. You must whitewash or paint the walls regularly. Like, paint them whenever you feel that the color is evading. Be it six months or after one year.

There are more options available now. Like wallpaper, paneling, and now the oil-based paints tend to last longer than the paints before. So it is an essential factor that you should keep in mind to keep your property looking tidy.

Don't stuff things in rooms

Now it comes to the furniture and other things you keep in your rooms. Spacious rooms look tidy, thus making your property look neat and clean. So to make them look voluminous and airy, don't stuff things into the room. Always keep more minor things than the actual space; otherwise, it will look congested, and you may feel suffocated to breathe over there.

Keep the extra things in the storeroom or anywhere else where they don't get rust.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are a very cool commodity that you can use to make your rooms look big and spacious. It gives an instant feeling of space and magnifies the visual sense. Even if your apartment is not very roomy, a mirror can make it look big enough. They can brighten up your room with their presence. 

However, it is essential to place the mirror on the right wall. Keep the frame of the mirror small and cut in a shape that fits your space. It is better to use big mirrors and put it aside from where it reflects the whole room.

Habits to keep the house clean

Although you can take some steps to make your property look tidy and clean, there comes a habit that can assist you in keeping the house worth living effortlessly and smoothly. You need to adopt these habits and teach them yourself, so you do them without thinking.

Practice the habits; the more you follow the habits, the easier it will be to keep your property clean and tidy.

Make up the bed

Making up the bed is the first thing towards starting the day. It is the refreshing start of the day that is a min milestone you achieve in the morning. With that, you kick start a productive day. It takes only 4 to 6 minutes to make your bed, but it adds significantly to your room. Your room starts to look clean and organized in just seconds. If you find it challenging to make your bed, just cut short the number of pillows and sheets on your bed. Just use a bed cover along with a comforter and two pillows. The minimum the number of things, the easier it will be for you to make the bed. And eventually, your habit will build up.

Do chores regularly

Household tasks and duties demand your attention regularly. You need to do some chores every day like mopping and sweeping the floor with a broom, dusting the furniture, etc., then there come tasks that you need to do after 2-3 days like cleaning the mirrors, washing the window panels, and doing the laundry. Then there are chores like changing bed sheets which require you to do weekly.

These all chores help to organize your room and make your space worth spending the time on. And an organized room is catchy and gives you good vibes only.

Indulge the entire family

It would be best if you indulge your whole family in your home chores. In this digital era, everybody is busy and wants to have privacy, so the elders do not say anything to children. But parents need to assign all the family members different tasks and involve them in the cleaning process. If you do not indulge your family, then the burden will fall on a single person, and consequently, he will be unable to do the chore. And your home will end up looking untidy. So it is mandatory to teach the cleaning habits to your children as well.

Prioritize and organize

There are particular tasks that you should do at the top of the list. So you need to figure it out first. Please make a list of all the jobs and organize them in ascending and descending order. Then do the one which is of prime importance. Also, keep your choice involved. It means if you have any favorite chore that you love to do, place it at the top without any hesitation. Listing the tasks helps you to great deals. It assists in lessening the ordeals while doing work.

Do quick dusting

The dusting of things is quite essential. With the increasing pollution and contamination in the air, it is mandatory to dust off and sanitize the furniture. Any germs, including the Coronavirus, can stick to the surface of the things you regularly touch. So make sure you sanitize the surface and dust off with a cloth without missing any day.

Put cleaning tools in each room separately

Our psychology is that if the tools are out of access, we won't make it to the equipment, leaving the idea of cleaning behind. So it is better to keep the cleaning tools in approach so that whenever you see things disorganized or getting untidy, you get the tools effortlessly and do the quick cleaning. If your room has a bathroom, you can keep a mop, broom, toilet brush, spray bottle, mirror cleaners, water spray, vinegar, or the things you might use as per your convenience.

Unclutter the things promptly

Uncluttering the mess that is tidying your property. The processor organizing the things takes time, but once you do the uncluttering, be vigilant and do it repetitively because they take the most time. So if you invest your time in this initially, it will help you a lot in the long term.


To sum up, cleaning your house is of prime importance, and house help is indeed necessary. Handling your home alongside your work can be a nuisance; it is where the significance of house help kicks in.

Considering the world where Corona has inflicted so much pain and mayhem, people think twice before hiring a maid. The health of the maid they ought to hire is a big concern for them. The reason is evident that maids tend to visit different houses and bring home germs for various diseases. So being safe is at your end, therefore find yourself a house cleaning service that cares for you, thinks for you, and is ready to give the services that are second to none.

MaidsApp is a virtual platform from which you can hire jabbed housemaids proficient enough to clean your house in the best possible way.

Why does MaidsApp have to be your first choice? MaidsApp is the public choice for cleaning homes due to sufficient reasons. Let us consider that the MaidsApp can work meaningfully in your favor due to its legitimacy, competence, and brilliance. It makes it appropriate for you to hire the finest maids accessible for the overall work of your home. You can count on these immunized housemaids to cleanse each part of your home as directed to them.

Tap the button on the "Book a Cleaning" and then choose the suitable plan; make a payment before the maid's arrival, and you are good to go. You don't have to select a housemaid randomly, but you must make your selection depending on the expertise of the maid. If you have previously hired a housemaid and didn't get gratified with her performance, we have a piece of great news for you.

MaidsApp features only housemaids that can perform their tasks efficiently. So, you don't need to worry about the performance of the housemaids as it is going to be remarkable.

We relieve you from the struggle of going to places to hire your new housemaid. In the effort to find the best house service, you might lose plenty of time. However, MaidsApp brings you the ease of hiring a maid online without losing much time.

Moreover, it lets you hire a vaccinated housemaid, so you don't have to nurture any corona worries as well.

With MaidsApp, you can book a housemaid who cleanses your house while delivering the best possible services to you. You can select the complete house service and enjoy the cleaning of your home or office entirely. Just guide the cleaner on how you would like to get your work done, and she will do it as you want.

What can be better than getting a housemaid who is vaccinated for Corona and safe to enter your home and carry out her duties? MaidsApp offers you a corona-vaccinated worker who is well versed in her tasks.

The services of our vaccinated housemaids will make you breathless. We assure you that you will thank your choice later after making use of our services.

One thing that matters the most when you hire home cleaner services is the efficacy of their work. If you finance those housemaids who cannot adequately execute their role, you are only wasting your money.

It is only wise to invest in the housemaids trained to carry out the roles of cleaning aptly. We expect to see each corner and crevice cleansed when we hire a cleaning service. The maids available at MaidsApp can help you achieve complete cleanliness without leaving anything dirty.

Make your house clean as a new property with the services of MaidsApp.

One aspect that we cover for our clients is timely services. If an individual performs his work correctly but doesn’t take care of the time, his work loses its essence. Hence, doing your work at the right time is essential. Importantly, time plays a significant role in house cleaning services.

People usually book housemaid services when they seek deep cleaning of their abode. Before any important event or occasion, the house residents desire to get their property cleaned. If your housemaid overlooks the importance of time and gets late, her attitude can push you into loads of trouble. In this scenario, the timely services of MaidsApp play an excellent role.

MaidsApp allows you to schedule the maid's duty in your home at a time when you want. Furthermore, it ensures that your booked maid reaches you at the instructed time and you get nothing to complain about its service.

It becomes painstaking for you to find the best housemaid who not only performs her duties professionally but is also Corona vaccinated. MaidsApp makes this feat easy for you by enabling you with a platform where all the efficient housemaids are available.

You can book the services of these Corona vaccinated maids at your desired time. Your chosen maid will reach you at the right time and will stun you with her exceptional cleaning services.

Lastly, MaidsApp makes things feasible for you by selecting from different service plans available for you. As per the occasion, you can choose one cleaning plan that rightly falls in your favor.